One Wednesday afternoon, as with countless others in 2016, our future President, David DAYAN, boards the Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing. As this happens often when you travel over a hundred times a year, conditions are such that the train is stalled at the station for two days on the Sino-mongolian border in Erlian.

Without a hint of disappointment, David DAYAN decides to take advantage of these two “days off” to conduct a study of the local markets for his clients. The realisation is clear: firstly, he is stupefied by the number of “travelers” who only cross the region’s borders to purchase tax-free items. Secondly, he finds that most of the luxury brands are not even represented.

Recognized for his 30 years of experience in travel retail, David DAYAN has this revolutionary and adventurous attitude that leads him to recognize this lack of presence as a fantastic opportunity to develop the sales potential and the reputation of his clients in these new international markets.

In doing so, and after an impressive number of meetings, David DAYAN give rise to what is now known as the “BEAUTE LUXE” Group and sign the first perfume and cosmetics distribution agreement in 2019.